Kyle D. Husmann, Ph.D

Postdoctoral Scholar, Department of Education Psychology, Penn State University


I am an applied researcher interested in reducing societal inequality by making the acquisition and transfer of knowledge and skills more effective, accessible, and available, especially for underrepresented populations and populations with special needs.

As someone coming from a background in electrical engineering and computer science, I explore ways that technology can be harnessed in these areas to collect data, solve problems, understand complex processes, and create new opportunities.

On a practical level, my work includes the implementation of programs and technologies at scale in sustainable ways that simultaneously meet the needs of the public and advance continuing research efforts.

As such, I see my interests most clearly expressed as a nexus between three overlapping fields of study in therapeutic and family contexts: developmental science, human-computer interaction, and implementation science.

latest posts

selected publications

  1. SPR
    Social Validity and Cultural Relevance of the SSIS SEL Classwide Intervention Program in Context: Insights From First- and Second-Grade Teachers
    Susan Crandall Hart , James Clyde DiPerna , Kyle Husmann, and 2 more authors
    School Psychology Review, Aug 2023
  2. Dissertation
    Advancing Measurement Technology in Educational Intervention Research to Study Individual, Contextual, and Implementation Heterogeneity
    Kyle D. Husmann
    The Pennsylvania State University , Aug 2023
  3. JSP
    Evaluating measurement of longitudinal education data using the Measurement Model of Derivatives
    Kyle D. Husmann , Timothy R. Brick , and James C. DiPerna
    Journal of School Psychology, Aug 2022
    Publisher: Elsevier